Grape harvest in full swing

Grape harvest in full swing

The Orange region grape harvest is well underway and early results are promising wines made this year will be full of flavour.

Although warm temperatures and lack of rain have hindered many agricultural industries around Orange, the dry end to the grape growing season provides perfect conditions for vines and assists with the overall quality of grapes.

Winemaker at Printhie Wines, Drew Tuckwell commented “The dryer climatic conditions should see lower yields and low acid but the flavour is looking really good and the quality is great. It’s a very promising year”.

However, the dryer conditions have meant that grapes have ripened quickly “Harvest has started with a bang this year, normally we see a sporadic start, but everything is ready all at once.

“The Printhie winery is working at full speed to handle our contract winemaking client’s grapes as well as our own. We’ve started spilt shifts, so the winery is working 24/7 to handle the influx.” Drew commented.

According to Wine Australia*, 4,042 tonnes of grapes were harvested in the Orange region in 2018. However, not all the grapes are crushed by local winery’s, with many producers transporting grapes to buyers in other regions like the Hunter Valley.

Owner of Printhie Wines and a Director of the Winemakers Federation of Australia, Ed Swift commented “The quality of grapes in the Orange region is held in high regard so many producers sell to other wine producing regions who are after the cool climate attributes of grapes produced in this area. The quality of grapes this year will certainly mean they are in demand”.

After bushfires affected several vineyards around Mt Canobolas last year, the positive outlook for grape harvest this year will be welcomed.

*Wine Australia Regional Snapshot 2018 – Orange

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