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January 6th 2014

NEWS: Growing Season Update

Well, it’s the first day back after the Christmas break and the winery is pretty close to being ready for vintage which is great – early preparation for an expected early vintage gives me peace of mind.

So, how is the vineyard looking? A few words can easily sum it up – dry, balanced, healthy – but let…

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December 2nd 2013

NEWS: Frost

Growing grapes and making wine is an agricultural pursuit. We would all like to work in unison with Mother Nature but sometimes she does not make it easy. Winemaking vintages usually reflect Mother Nature’s mood, whether it be drought, inundation or as in the case of this year - frost.

Spring is always a nervous time for grape…

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November 5th 2013

Early Start to the Season

The 2013-14 grape growing season has started with a bang with the likely consequence of an early harvest in 2014.

We have just started to bottle some of the wines from the 2013 vintage and already our thoughts are turning to the 2014 vintage as we cannot ignore the green sea of vines flourishing out the winery window.

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November 4th 2013

10 years of Printhie

The 2013 vintage at Printhie marked the tenth anniversary for Printhie as a wine brand with its own winery and cellar door, so we thought it fitting to celebrate this milestone during Wine Week in October 2013.

Although the first vines were planted in 1996 and small batches of wines were made by another winemaker in the first…

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@PrinthieWines on Twitter

Beautiful autumn days in Orange but my goodness the mornings are cold - little bits of frost in my backyard!
2:02pm on Wed 23 April
#fridaylunchoptionwine - on a Thursday. Cullen 09 Kevin John Chardonnay. Smart, very regional, power with elegance & some way to go yet
4:57pm on Thu 17 April
Just done a big tasting review of #V14 wines. Gotta say I'm pretty happy with what we have in the cellar. Good vintage, good wines!
4:55pm on Thu 17 April
2:48pm on Wed 16 April
Playing end of vintage golf. Found this under a tree. Feeling a bit peckish. Do you think it's OK to eat?
2:47pm on Wed 16 April
That's it - last red into press - #V14 is officially over - done & dusted. Now off to play golf for end of vintage celebrations.
11:31am on Wed 16 April
It appears @JasonAmos has gone to the French Pyrenees for some #7peaks7days #cycling training. Very sneaky, he's obviously after the KOM
10:59am on Tue 15 April
@FabLadiesWine @vindiva @yarravalley @TasUnbottled @TasteOrange chips are on the table, play your cards
4:57pm on Mon 14 April
1:47pm on Mon 14 April

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